A safe and simple exfoliation technique utilizing a sterile surgical blade to gently remove the surface dead skin cells. This treatment increases the skin's ability to absorb nutrients through product ingredients, stimulates the circulation and lymph flow, leaves the skin instantly smoother, refreshed, and refined. Perfect for all skin types. Can be done as a stand alone treatment, including a deep and thorough cleansing, a skin balancing mask, then completed with supplementation and SPF, or an enhancement to any other facial treatment. 

$75      |     As a stand alone treatment includes a thorough cleansing and mask suitable for your skin type,         supplementation, and SPF

$25      |     As an add on to any other facial treatment

Benefits of Dermalplaning

1.     Great way of exfoliating the skin

2.     Reduces visible signs of aging

3.     Immediately evens your skin

4.     Helps with acne

5.     Helps unclog some blackheads

6.     Minimizes the appearance of pore size

7.     Generates new, healthy cells

8.     Enhances penetration of skin care products

9.     Gets rid of peach fuzz

10.  Will NOT make your hair grow back thicker. Will not change the texture of the hair or the number of hair follicles you have on the surface of your face. Hair will grow back at the same rate and with the same texture as it was before the treatment.

11.  Helps makeup go on more smoothly

12.  Painless

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